Terms and conditions

  1. Glossary and introductory provisions – Terms and conditions

1) Glossary:

  1. a) Portal – A portal sportcollections.net made for the purpose of organizing electronic auctions, and interconnection between Buyer and Seller.
  2. b) Buyer – A portal user, who is interested in the purchase of goods offered at auction by the Seller. The buyer may be a natural or legal person.
  3. c) The Seller – A portal user, who is interested in selling goods offered at auction.

The seller may be a natural or legal person.

  1. d) User – a collective name for Buyer
  2. e) Contract – use of the Portal concluded in electronic form between the Portal operator (hereinafter Portal) and the User
  3. f) Terms and conditions – conditions governing the operation and use of the Portal
  4. g) Transactions – the process in response to the Seller’s offer to purchase contract through website
  5. h) User account – administration interface designed of an authorized Sign in to Portal with an user name and password. Registered user is not entitled to own more than one user account.
  6. i) Subject sales – the subject offered by a Seller at auction for the purpose of selling it to a Buyer, which specifications are listed below in the Business Conditions
  7. j) Auction – a special type of auction, which can be hold only by a portal, the terms of this auction shall be governed by Article VI. of these Terms and Conditions
  8. k) Commission – sales commission rates for using the Portal services.

2) The owner of the portal is Represport s.r.o., based at

  • Duklianska 135 Skacany 958 53 Slovakia
  • IČO 52688232    DIČ 2121102192     IČ DPH SK2121102192
  1. Seller and buyer / user

1) The Buyer, may be a person who has reached at least 16 years of age and has achieved full legal capacity or a body corporate pursuant.

2) The buyer may be, while fulfilling the conditions of paragraph 1, only the person who is joint holder of duly verified account on the Portal according to the conditions described below.

III. User registration and authentication of the user

1) Every User is obliged to register on the portal and establish an User account. User upon registration can choose their username and password. Username should not contain vulgar and other inappropriate words and insulting slogans.

2) Every User will be required to verify their identity to gain duly verified account. Without a verified account it wont be possible to establish an auction or to participate in an auction.

3) Verification takes the form of an online payment thru gateway or PayPal with a payment amount of 1 Euro with a credit card. New users will be charged 1 Euro. The amount withdrawn is considered as a charge related to verification and belongs to Portal.

4) Portal reserves the right, in justified cases, to request an additional authentication by sending a scan of an ID card or other document with a photograph also containing the address of the user residence. Merits request supplemental authentication portal is not obliged to justify.

5) User – a natural person – is required to enter the following information at the registration: name, surname, residence address.

6) User establishing a legal entity is required to enter the following information when registering: name, identification number or any other number under which it is registered in the public register, business address

7) When the user changes any data entered at registration, He/she is obliged to inform Portal about this change, no later than 7 days after the date of such changes.

8) Portal obligations of provided services are not possible to advance to a third party without the consent of the Portal.

  1. Subject sales, exposure and progress of the auction bids

1) Subject to the publication of auction sales is a legal right.

2) Portal is responsible for the content description of the subject of sale.

The rights and obligations of the Buyer – Consumer

1) A consumer is any natural person who, outside his business or outside independent exercise of their profession, enters into a contract with the Seller, whereby entrepreneurs (hereinafter as “consumers”). Consumer rights from contracts or any rights from liability for defects always puts performance at the Seller.

2) The consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract within fourteen days (in this period Consumer must at least send withdrawal). The deadline, according to the first sentence, runs from the date of conclusion of the contract and if it is

  1. a) the purchase contract, the date of receiving the goods,
  2. b) contract that is a part of several kinds of goods or supply of several parts, from the date of receipt the last delivery of the goods, or
  3. c) contract that includes regularly repeated delivery of goods, from receipt of the first delivered goods.

3) If the Seller expressly does not undertake to pay the costs of returning goods if it is withdraw from the contract without giving any reason, the consumer is to pay all the cost of returning the goods, even in a situation where goods can be returned via usual postal route.

4) The Seller returns all the consumer funds, which have been received by him, within 14 days of contract withdrawal without giving a reason (but not before the consumer goods are passed back to the seller or prove that the goods were sent), including any costs of delivery of goods amounting to cheapest delivery, which the Seller offers.

5) The consumer should not bear any additional costs associated with the conclusion of a distance excluding the costs associated the provision of internet connection, paid for your Internet service provider.

6) Form for sale contract withdrawal is available for download here

7) The seller must deliver the product or service in accordance with the contract and without legal and factual defects. Filling must be provided at the agreed quantity, quality and design. If no quality and workmanship arrangements are met to the Seller description and quality in the case of a purchase agreement in quality and design suitable for purpose of the contract, otherwise the usual purpose.

  1. Auction

1) Auction is a special auction, which is held only by portal, and nobody else.

2) Items offered in the auction will have unique collectibles or monetary value.

3) Auction may be attended only by authenticated users with verified user account. All other users will not be able to participate in the auction. Account verification for use to entry into auction may take up to 24 hours.

4) Tax 20% will be added to the final price in the auction.

VII. Termination of services, account blocking

1) The Portal is authorized to disable a User Account and subsequently cancel it for breach of these Terms of Business, in particular the reasons listed below. The portal reserves the right to block or abort a User account access to a new account from the same IP address of the device from which the canceled User account has been accessed.

Some reasons for blocking or canceling

(A) Indication of incorrect registration data or timely non-communication of the change pursuant to Article III.

(B) Non payment of the Subject of Sale

1) The User is entitled to terminate the Service Agreement with the Portal by canceling the User Account.

2) The Portal is entitled to terminate the Contract with the User in addition to paragraph 1 of this Article with the same reasoning.

3) The user account will be active for the entire duration of the notice period. Termination or resignation from the contract is without prejudice to the obligation to pay the Commission pursuant to Article V ..

  1. Processing and Privacy

1) The Portal processes the Personal Information of Users who fill out the registration form. Protection of personal data the user, who is a natural person, is ensured in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. Personal data, as amended.

2) The User expressly agrees to process the personal data he has provided to the Portal at the time of registration. The user further agrees to the transfer of personal data to a third party for the purpose of sending or providing of the Object of Sale, or for the purpose of sending advertising messages. Should the User disagree with the transfer of personal data, he is obliged to do so in writing and send it via e-mail to support@sportcollections.net

3) Personal data will be processed indefinitely via secure computer program.

4) Should the User believe that the Portal or the third party provided by the Portal with the personal data of the User, carries out the processing of his or her personal data in conflict with the protection of privacy and privacy User’s personal life, or in violation of the law, may ask the Portal for an explanation and to remove the defects. In this case, the user can also contact the Office for Protection of personal data.