The portal is a new partner for every active and passive athlete or collector of sports memorabilia.


Our portal is connected by property ties with auction portals with a global reach and origin in Vancouver, Canada. You can address your offer not only to potential applicants in the USA and Canada, but also in a simple way to those interested in the whole World. And you can also buy goods and items from different countries.

Buy & Sell

On our portal, you can offer and choose from the widest range of sporting goods, and with the help of a clear list of categories, finding the required goods is a matter of a very short time. A private person as well as a professional trader can shop on our auction portal, both in the form of classic auctions and in the e-shop in the “instant purchase” mode.


All payments between the seller and the buyer are made, regardless of borders and currency, through the Stripe or Pays online payment gateway, which guarantees both parties the most reliable and fastest method of payment.